Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Victory for the Planet

I have just posted today's installment of what I plan to make a regular Wednesday car post, but I need to say something about the Super Tuesday result. We can now be sure that the next president will be serious about climate change. I always thought that McCain was the only Republican with a shot at winning the general election. If he does so, his conservative credentials may actually make it easier for him to deliver than it would be for a Democrat, rather like Nixon going to China. Maybe John Adams will write an opera about it one day!


Trinifar said...

Chris Mooney writes thoughtfully about McCain's climate change position here.

BTW, just found your blog and am intrigued.

Tony Welsh said...

Interesting. I think McCain is soft-peddling for the benefit of GOP primary voters. Also, he is "reality based" to use a phrase GW seems to think is an insult, so I think he will do what needs doing. And he will want to restore repect for the US in the rest of the world. Finally, as I said before, he migth just be in a better position politically to be bold without being acccused of being a tree-hugger.

John Ackerson said...

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